Do You Really Need A Custom WordPress Design?

One of my accompany is active a café. We were accidentally talking about the web attendance and the charge of the website. And he got all aflame and started cogent me that these canicule he is acquirements WordPress. So… a acquaintance of a WordPress Genesis Developer is cogent him that he is acquirements WordPress.

… and that he would like to save every penny by architectonics the website all by himself.

This is what WordPress has alloyed in the minds of approved users. Anyone can body and administer a website,you don’t charge to appoint a pro for that!

Free themes, exceptional themes, chargeless plugins, paid plugins… you get aggregate bare to body a website. Why pay a WordPress Genesis developer for a custom WordPress design?

Anyone and just about anyone can do it all by himself.

But the questions is, is it account putting your efforts in acquirements WordPress and architectonics the website yourself?

Yes, if it is a claimed blog or a simple website.

NO, if it is a business website.

NO, if that website agency business to you.

NO, if you wish to authorize a cast identity.

NO, if you don’t wish to accommodation with appearance and functionality of the site.

Your business website needs adapted care, which alone a acclimatized WordPress developer can understand. And that gap can alone be abounding by custom WordPress design.

A business website needs the following:

1. Brand Identity: Anniversary business has a audible character and the aforementioned needs to be announced to the online audience. Logo, blush scheme, typography and the attending & feel of the website calm action a different personality to the website; which needs to be accumbent with business identity. No chargeless or exceptional affair can action this affectionate of flexibility. You charge to opt for custom WordPress architectonics for such a use case.

2. High About-face Landing Pages: Every business charge to accept landing pages. Landing pages are a way to acquaint and highlight the USPs of company, casework and the articles they offer. A lot of ability and UX studies goes into authoritative landing pages that convert. Tracking, A/B testing, about-face amount optimization. You charge to put in a lot of accomplishment to alpha affairs online. Even a contributor at UpWork or added freelance sites is not a adapted best for this. Alone a acclimatized developer who builds custom website solutions and has acquaintance with UX architectonics can do amends to landing pages.

3. Professional Online Presence: A website is not just pages and information. It is the presentation of the advice in the a lot of adapted manner. It is a science and art of architectonics web attendance that is functional, admirable and fulfils the ambition and purpose of the website. You charge a developer who has a butt of architectonics concepts and user behavior to achieve the task.

4. Security & Performance: The website is not just looks. It needs to accomplish able-bodied in agreement of page loading speed. It should be cantankerous browser compatible. It should chase best coding practices and be congenital on accurate and apple-pie code. It should be optimized for acceleration and fine-tuned for loading in 2 seconds.And it needs to be defended adjoin accessible malware attacks. A able developer alms custom WordPress architectonics will never accommodation on these check-points.

5. Top Notch SEO: To get the amoebic traffic, your website needs to be optimized for seek engines. Keyword research, keyword mapping, agreeable strategy, SILO architecture, semantics, microdata, all go into authoritative a website seek friendly. Can you apprehend a approved WordPress user to apperceive and accept anniversary of these concepts?

And alone an accomplished WordPress Genesis developer stands up to the analysis of carrying the after-effects – carrying the websites that PERFORM & CONVERT.

Wrap Up:

Be it any affectionate of business, you do charge a custom WordPress design; to accomplish abiding that your WordPress website works for your business. Appoint an able for the job – Genesis Developer and a WordPress Consultant